Professional Convector | Guarantee

1. The Guarantee Period commences upon the delivery of the unit and is 3 years.

2. The unit is completely within the guarantee coverage of our Company including all the parts thereof.

3. If the unit breaks down within the guarantee period thereof due to material or labor deficiency the repair will be made without any cost requirements under the title of labor cost, replaced part cost or any other title.

4. The customer may request the replacement of the unit, refunding, reduction in price pro rata to the defect under following conditions even if the consumer has used the repair right thereof:

- If the same defect repeats twice within one year as from the delivery of the unit to the client within the predetermined guarantee period or more than four breakdowns occur due to different reasons or if the total amount of the breakdowns due to different reason exceed 6 times causing the prevention of the usage of the unit continuously within the predetermined guarantee period

- If the maximum repair period is exceeded

- If it is determined by the service station or to the seller, dealer, agent, representative, importer or to the producer/manufacturer thereof if a service station does not exist, with a report that the repair of the unit is not possible 

5. Breakdowns due to usage other than the ways specified in usage manual of the unit is out of guarantee coverage.

EN 60335-2-30: 2011 A11: 2012

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